Instant ECG: An Electrocardiogram Rhythms Guide App Reviews

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The ECG strip exam will not reset just freezes the entire application on multiple devices. Garbage save your money dont purchase!!!

Keeps freezing.

I think it would be great if Id didnt freeze all the time. You cant do much with it!


Not bad to show whats on an EKG but......exams dont reset; some of the example strips are the same when it should show different example strips; movie portion of the strips doesnt play; etc etc....

Not worth it

Dont waste your money.


Great resource but Please update this app


It looked good at first, but after completing the ECG identification test I was not able to reset the test in order to take it again. It freezes and I have to close the app and open again, and still doesnt work and then freezes again. Disappointed!!


Nice pics but no movies available (the movie button just doesnt work). You would think this would be fixed (especially since reviewers from a few years back complained of the same issue) but I havent seen any updates or changes since downloading this app. Its okay for a review but it would be even better to see the movies with the review.


Now I dont know if this is because Ive had the app since it was free, but it keeps freezing! If I try to reset the exams it freezes! If I push the movie button on rhythms, it does nothing! Its got a great interface and has some amazing information but having to delete and download it over and over is really annoying!

What happened to the movies?

The EKG movie used to work but doesnt anymore.


Freezes. Movie function doesnt work. Any ideas???


Kinda disappointed. It doesnt play the "movie", SVT isnt on there, and lead placement isnt listed. The app is very confusing as well. Also, it looks like the screen is fitted for an iPhone 4. I have an iPhone 5S. It does have a fair amount of info. Still looking for a better ECG app thats quick & easy to read.

Fix it

It has a bug. Fix it. I paid money for this and I want a working app.

Not updated since 2009!!

Dont bother with this app, it no longer works properly because they have not updated it in years!!!!

Decent, but fix the movies please

This app is a great reference tool, however the movies will not play. Please fix this!! Please!


You stole the name of a "Disney" movie, was a great app. You dont like the hand that feeds you? 6plus is too "big" for you? The one recent reviewer has the same problem! Fix it!!!!!! I like the movies! Come back from vacation and fix this You must have spent all the money you made off this app now do some work! Thanks for listening?????? Anyone there?

No support since 2009

App does not work properly with iPhone 6 plus. Have to keep deleting and installing.


Wont play rhythm


This would be a really great learning tool and reference material if the program didnt freeze when I attempted to reset the quizzes. Please fix I have a 6+ and really like the program other than this problem.

App freezes with iOS 8.1.3 when trying to reset the quizzes

App is a good self learning tool for ECGs however when you tap "reset" for the quizzes the app freezes/crashes. I notified the developer yesterday (1/31/15). No response just yet. Only fix to reset the quizzes is to uninstall and reinstall :-/

Be Warned

This app hasnt been updated since 2009. It looks very dated, the videos of the rhythms do not work, and the app fits oddly on the screen. The information is useful, but Id look for a different app.

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