Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG App Reviews

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Installer sans problème, mais en anglais....encore il faut bosser in english. Penser un peu a nous in french. Attente du MAJ


En français please !!!

Need updated++++

Bugs all time on iOS8


"Version number enhancement" is really a nice feature in the new version.


Very useful ... And good teaching tool !

wouldnt say..

youre 3G-S/3.0 compatible YET. WAS working great before I upgraded. Now when I load the program it just has a blank white screen and I need to start clicking around. Improve your software on 3.0 before this can be used at the point of care, which as an Anesthesia/Critical care trainee requires. Thanks.

Was good now garbage

This app was good prior to update now most of the functions are missing most of thier content. Dont waste 9$ on this junk until issued are resolved

Flight Paramedic

Not a great app. It lacks alot of rythms especially 12 leads. If your a new EMT student or practicing BLS its okay

Not Working

When it did work I thought it was fairly good. One month later still is not functioning. Do NOT buy this App until they fix it. Apple not impressed that you allow this app to still be sold!

Thank you!

I love this app! I have trouble interpreting rhythms-just cant get the hang of it. This is so helpful,you have no idea! Now,throw in simulations with treatments and it will be spectacular.


Was good, now it doesnt work and really James my I touch. I deleted it!!!

Careful, crashes with rhythm strips

It crashes my iPod when I run rhythm strips. I didnt need most of the rest, so spent little time with it. Might be good for learning. Deleted.


It looked good at first, but after completing the ECG identification test I was not able to reset the test in order to take it again. It freezes and I have to close the app and open again, and still doesnt work and then freezes again. Disappointed!!


Great resource but Please update this app

Not worth it

Dont waste your money.


Not bad to show whats on an EKG but......exams dont reset; some of the example strips are the same when it should show different example strips; movie portion of the strips doesnt play; etc etc....

Keeps freezing.

I think it would be great if Id didnt freeze all the time. You cant do much with it!


The ECG strip exam will not reset just freezes the entire application on multiple devices. Garbage save your money dont purchase!!!

Simple and easy

This app is helping me brush up on EKG rhythms before I start clinicals and internship for paramedic school. Best dollar ever spent. Thank you to the creators of this app.

The best so far

Dont need more than that,wish if the images were more clear ,its really worth more than .99 cent ,the best app so far about ECG

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